Things to Consider Before You Hire Your Interior Painter

Thinking of hiring an interior painter? Try out these tips to get your paint job done the way you always wanted.

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Check the Walls for Lead Paint

If your house was built before 1978, make sure to hire a qualified expert on lead to check out the interiors of your home for lead before you get started with the job. Some of the older houses might have lead paint under the many existing layers of paint. Lead poisoning in children might even cause delays in development.

Who Is Going To Do the Job?

Decide who is going to take up the job. If you are serious DIY-er and know what you are doing, you can gather up the necessary things and start out the project. However, even the pro DIY-ers might back out from a complete interior paint job simply due to the complexity of the task. Plus, the professional painters not only know the latest tricks and tips to give your home that contemporary look but they would also be updated on latest products in the market that would help you cut down on costs tremendously. If you are located in Brisbane and are planning to hire painters around Brisbane, you can definitely share your ideas with them as well as get their input on the project.

Prepping the House for the Paint Job

Getting your house ready for the paint job is the most important part of the entire project and the foundation for an accurate and satisfying project. And if you or the professional painter you hire does this incorrectly, the paint tends to peel, crack or even chip easily. Therefore, make sure these preparations to the walls are done perfectly before you start with the project. The dirty walls of your home should be cleaned, especially those that are located near sinks and stoves and are blackened. The annoying greasy deposits on the walls along with nasty soap scum can really affect the adhesion qualities of the paint.

Brief Your Professional

Being a professional, you might not exactly need to brief your expert on the procedure. But it is always good to know the tips and tricks regarding the painting project. Talk to your expert painter about the extent of preparation, the process of priming and the type of primer along with the brand of paint. Also know how many number of coats the professional is planning to use.

Know About All the Extra Costs

These might include fixing up any broken electrical item or even covering up or removing any furniture out of the way. Also, check with your professional if it costs extra to have the crown moulding, walls or ceiling and even baseboards for that matter.

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Choose a Great Finish for the Paint Job

If there are countless number of imperfections on your walls, go ahead with a flat paint. But know that the flat paint is much harder to clean. An eggshell finish for the walls has a bit of a shine or a gloss and it holds up great with cleaning. The usual concept with this trick is that higher the sheen of the wall, easier it is to clean up.

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