What Makes a Good Aged-Care Facility?

We all want the best when it comes to our loved ones. So when it comes to choosing the right aged-care facilities, this too is a big decision. Be it for yourself or for someone else, there are certain qualities that are mandatory. This is made all the more difficult when you have to pick from the many different options available, but knowing what to look for can be very useful. Once you start evaluating and comparing, you will soon be able to eliminate those that do not fit your criteria. In the meantime, consider these points to help you in your search.

How many of you really care about the home safety for seniors in your family? Do you realize that most elders are vulnerable to accidents at home? I’m sure you all have elders at home, or have them living independently. This post relates to all of you in more ways than you think.


The facility should be situated in a pleasant area. The environment should be clean, relaxing and with plenty of greenery. Is it welcoming? Does it feel homely? How does the setting of the home help residents feel at ease? It is important that they feel as comfortable as possible. Proximity to cities and highways also matters, since a busy neighbourhood would not be conducive for an aged-care home. Visiting a few options in person is beneficial, giving you a personal insight.

Quality of Care

From the services extended to the facilities offered, quality of care is paramount. The medications they use, the doctors they employ and the food served are all but a few of the things that come under this. For instance, you couldinquire about how they obtain their medication, and if it is through a chemist Coburg, find out more. You are certainly allowed to ask as many questions as you wantofthe staff. You want to be sure that any medical assistance provided is done through legit, qualified and licensed practitioners at all times.


Obviously the staff will be spending a great deal of time with the residents, so it is important that they fulfil some qualities first. Of course the right qualifications and experience are vital, but so is compassion, empathy and sincere dedication to what they do. A career is more than just a job. Carers needs to care about their responsibilities, take them seriously, and be effective communicators between the residents and their families. A warm personality and patience are also equally necessary traits, and should be immediately identifiable when you meet them, so have a chat with the carers as well.

How to Gradually Introduce In-Home Care

Programmes on Offer

An aged-care facility does not mean dull routines and schedules. There are those that offer a great variety of programmes on a daily basis, allowing residents to participate in activities they like. From yoga to meditation, dancing and more, there are plenty of options to keep them occupied. This is also great for creating relationships and establishing bonds; friendship can be one of the most precious things for the elderly. You can request for a list of such programmes and see whether there would be any that fit you. In addition to this, request details of protocol during medical emergencies, as well as how the food is cooked. These are all essential for a smooth experience overall.

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