Going To Be A Dad For The First Time? Tips To Help You Adjust

Welcoming a baby to the family is always exciting whether it is baby number one or baby number three. And there are a lot of things parents should do to prepare for the occasion. But once you have done it, doing it again is not a big deal and you will find yourself more relaxed with the second baby onwards as you have the necessary experience.

The crucial time is always the first baby. Especially if you have not had any baby experience at all except for maybe holding someone else’s baby for a few seconds.

Sometimes, new dads may feel quite overwhelmed by the arrival of the baby as they are not as ready as the moms for the occasion. There are only a few things on the Internet to help them when compared to all the help and advise the mothers have. For instance, there are a lot of articles online which lists the items the mothers should have when they are expecting a baby but only a few that defines what the dads need. So, if you are a new dad or are going to be one real soon, here are a few items that you need to get to be a good dad and also to reduce your stress levels.

Baby Development Books

Yes, you read it right. Not only mothers but the fathers should also know about the development of the baby, the different stages, what you can do to stimulate their senses, vocabulary, brain development, etc. A father who is knowledgeable about the baby is appreciated by everyone, not just the mother.

Therefore, get some good baby development guides and get yourself ready for your bundle of joy arrives. This will also reduce your stress levels when the baby is actually with you trying to figure out why he/she is crying so much. In addition, you would actually understand that they cannot smile at you or even see you properly for the first few months reducing your worries about why your baby is not smiling like the ones you see in the advertisements!


When you have a baby you would not want to go anywhere without a camera as they do the cutest things. You may want to choose instant cameras over phone cameras or a digital one. With these, you can not only capture the moment but can also save it in printed form. Babies love looking at things that they can hold and would treasure the printed photo you give. Moreover, you can also paste them and create your very own album or stick them in the baby book you or the baby’s mother is maintaining to preserve the memories.

Diaper Bag And Burp Clothes

Most dads like spending time outdoors with their little ones and, if you are one of them, you would not want to leave the house without the diaper bag and burp clothes. No matter how much precautions you take, accidents are bound to happen when you least expect and, I can say for sure that you will end up with a smelly baby if you leave the house without a diaper bag even for a few seconds. They have a way of knowing that you do not have a backup!

Baby Carriers, Strollers And Car Seats

You need modes of transportation for the baby. Therefore, get out there and start looking for reliable baby carriers, strollers and car seats. Pay extra attention to the safety of the items you buy and make sure you know how to fix them properly so that there will be no danger for the little one.

Baby Monitor

No one can stay with the baby all hours of the day without taking their eyes off. Therefore, you must have a baby monitor.

Acquiring the above items will give you peace of mind to get on with your day to day life while enjoying the presence of the new baby to the fullest.