How to Avoid Overspending For Your Wedding Reception?

If you ask us, weddings are one of the top occasions when you end up overspending far more than you anticipated. Instead, you could spend it on your honeymoon or even a vacation later on in the year. This is not to say you need to be stingy and have a ceremony or reception that you can’t think back to with fond memories. You just have to keep a keep a few things in mind to ensure you don’t end up overspending.

Be Wise about Overpriced Venues

Venues are something that is definitely going to be on the higher end of your budget when it comes to the whole event. However, you need to make sure it is an expense within reason. If you live in the area, then the best wedding reception venue Geelong need not be a fancy, overpriced place. Instead, it could be a place that is quaint and charming, even if no one has heard of it before. Remember, your guests will only spend a maximum of 15 minutes looking around their surround, and you will spend less than that on your special day. So why overspend on it?

See To Quality When You Select the Caterers

Let’s admit it. Those invited for the ceremony might be hyped about how beautiful the ceremony is, how lovely the music is, or even how heartfelt your vows are. But those who come to the reception are mostly there for the food and socialising.  This being said, you can easily keep them happy by making sure you have focused on the quality and the taste of the food, more than anything else. High-end caterers will obviously do a good job, but don’t feel that your local diners and caterers can’t rise to the occasion quite as well. The secret; is keeping the menu uncomplicated.

Spend Less on the Decorations, And More on the Music

Just like the venue, the decorations too are an important part of the reception party, but it doesn’t dictate how memorable or fun it will be. Spend the bare minimum on decorations, skipping the table décor entirely if necessary. Remember, fresh flowers are often more expensive than their artificial counterparts, so a mixture of the two will be a good idea to have a filling décor. Spending on the head table, on the other hand, makes a little more sense, as all eyes will be on it for the duration of the ceremony. How do you make use of the money you save from your decorations? By spending it on the music of course! Get yourself a good DJ to make sure your party is memorable!

Make Use of the Raw Talent You Have At Hand

Whether it’s for the MC, for the decorations, for the DJ, or for even the food, there is no need to overspend if you feel you will regret it in the months to come. Tap into the raw and potential talents around you. This is a great way to avoid overspending for such an occasion.