Ways To Deal With The Cold Weather This Year

Are you tired of feeling ill-prepared for the cold, every time the cold season rolls around? Do you feel like you could do better if you have a few tips to help jog start your winter preparations? If so, the below tips and suggestions are perfect for you.

Dress Warmly And Suitably

Winter clothes can get expensive; especially if you tend to do your shopping last minute. To avoid this happening, try to get your winter clothes shopping done earlier. It is preferable if you can do so while there are sales or discounts for it.

Cleanse Your Body Without Robbing It Of Its Oils

The cold generally tends to rob your body of all moisture, turning it dull and brittle looking. Layering yourself with moisturizers (and keeping yourself hydrated!) definitely helps, but it would be preferable if you can retain at least a little of your body’s natural oils. Avoid using harsh soaps and shower gels that strip your body of all moisture. Opt for the best organic body wash you can find locally for this purpose.

Freezer Friendly Breakfasts For Those Cold Mornings

The cold makes everything harder to do, but it is especially difficult to make breakfasts. Unfortunately, this is one meal that we don’t recommend you skip; after all, your body needs its fuel to help keep it warm. Opt to make a few make-ahead, freezer friendly meals before the coldest part of the season rolls around. Opt for these meals on the days that you simply cannot get out of bed early enough to put an effort into making the meal.

Stock Up On Hearty Recipes

Like we mentioned above, it’s important that you provide your body the fuel it needs to keep warm during the cold months. Remember that this is also where you get your energy and immune system boost from. So try to find a few hearty recipes beforehand to try this season. Make sure it’s not too complicated, or that it doesn’t load up a lot of dirty dishes. Minestrone soups are one of our personal favorites for this season: thick, filling and definitely body warming.

Dry Clean Your Winter Gear

If you are like most people, you would store away your winter wear, blankets and shoes when not in use. As a result, they will get that musty, hard to wear smell we all dread. Instead of taking it out just as the cold starts, consider taking them out, washing/dry cleaning them and generally airing them out a little earlier. This way, you will not have to spend a single day with musty blankets, or wish your blankets didn’t take forever to dry out.

Get Your Vehicle Prepared For The Weather

Like most other things, your mode of transport too gets affected when the cold months’ strike. If you receive heavy snowfall, then we suggest you invest in slip free snow tires. Apart from that, it’s also a great idea to have a first aid kit and emergency supplies stashed within reach, in case of an emergency.