All You Need To Know About Dining Etiquette

Sure we have all experienced eating out, but do we actually understand what manners and unspoken guidelines need to be followed. I think not. Little things like to cover your mouth when you cough or tip well, tend to be overlooked. So here is some of what you need to know when it comes to the rules of fine dining:

What to Do With the Napkin?

Once you sit down to eat you need to pick up the napkin on the plate in front of you unfold it and place it on your lap. The napkin should stay on your lap until you have finished your meal. After you eat and you are leaving your seat you need to leave the napkin on the left side of your plate. Do not place it on the back of your chair.

Before Eating

Do not begin eating until all the people at your table have been served their food. If the food is taking a long time to be brought to your table, then inform the wait staff or ask what the delay is about. If you are not sure which utensils to use, then a good tip is to always start with the utensils that are farthest from your plate. Being from the outermost sides, work your way to the utensils closest to your plate. When you want a particular item of food but cannot reach it then ask the person nearest to the food item to pass it to you. Because reaching across is ungraceful and can become quite a messy exercise.

While Eating

Do not be texting or talking on your phone (this rule applies for the whole time you are out for your meal). You absolutely cannot ignore your present company to text others because it is rude. Especially since you are giving the other person an abhorrent message that they are not worth your time or full attention. So phones away! No matter how boring your company may be, because that is what it means to be well mannered. Do not talk with food in your mouth, if you are asked a question then swallow your food before answering.  Do not blow on your food. Use your utensils to cut the food into bite-sized pieces or when required use your fingers to eat. Do not use your teeth like a knife by taking huge chucks out of let’s say a chicken leg. Say good things about the food and keep quiet if you have nothing good to say. If for instance, you were at the best restaurant in Geelong then make sure not to be loud or make a huge scene. This may see undignified.

If you do not exactly follow all these do not worry. There is no need to stress because no one is perfect. There are however a few things you always should and should not do. But besides that you do not need to overwhelm yourself with the rules and guidelines. And remember to always be nice to the wait staff, because showing a little kindness and humility is not going to kill you!