Two Types of Counselling That Involve Mental Health

When it comes to making major decisions in life, or when you find yourself going through a crucial phase in life, there may be instances when you would need some support and the right kind of guidance to achieve, face or overcome them. Counsellors are experts who take the responsibility of assisting you through such times by enlightening you, raising your confidence, and making sure you see possibilities in life that you may have thought are out of reach. In a world where there is hardly time to think and where everything happens so fast, getting a little bit of support could make a big difference.


Mental Health

It is found that the majority of counselling takes place in the medical field. A large percent of teenagers and adults and children around the world is found to be affected by mental disorders of different kinds. As far as treatment for mental disorders is concerned, counselling sessions become an essential component during which improvement levels can be better identified, and doctors will be able to tell exactly where the patient stands mentally. Depending on what kind of disorder, and its severity, a patient would need to seek the right kind of treatment forms and levels. Depression counsellors, for instance, provide support to patients with conditions related to stress and depression. They talk to the patient and try to find out what’s inside his/her mind by making them comfortable and giving them the confidence to open up. Contrary to the common misconception, not all mental disorders root from depression. There may be certain genetic conditions or birth defects that may result in many kinds of psychological disorders.



Couples nowadays widely seek help, support, and guidance in handling or resolving issues related to their marriage. However, sometimes, there need not necessarily be ‘issues’ or problems for you to seek help. Sometimes, young people choose to get counselled before they get married, just so they know what to expect and how to deal or cope with crucial matters. Your personality, character, and your perception about life could greatly impact how you carry out a marriage, and counselling can help you by focussing on those key areas.


Marriage counselling, too, pretty much has a psychological, as well as an emotional element to it. In most cases, post marriage, issues and problems arise due to stress and depression caused by external factors in the environment. Eventually, this could lead one problem to another, resulting in confusion and complication. It often happens that couples resort to help at this point of their marriage. If their issues are more to do with the psychological health of either one or both of the spouses, they are likely to first get referred to a mental health counsellor before they could be assisted with domestic issues.


In some parts of the world, availability of good counselling has helped major parts of their population in making right decisions, resolving issues, and saving lives. As more people are beginning to get afflicted with different kinds of physical and mental problems every day, the need for proper support keeps increasing. Some might believe in trying harder and longer to find solutions themselves, but living in a modern, fast world, it would always be better to talk to an expert.