Your Guide to Simplified Wedding Planning

Now that the engagement party has been had, you have thanked all your well-wishers and the champagne has long been wiped out, it is time to buckle down for the wedding preparations. For some, this is just like planning any other event, but for others (a majority perhaps?), it is the start of Bridezilla season. If you are worried that by the end of the wedding you will be left fishing for new friends, perhaps now is a good time to take a step back, breathe and reassess your strategy. Just a few small, well-placed tips are all it takes to dial down the crazy and usher in the age of the cool, collected bride.


Know Your Guests

It is actually completely understandable as to why you would want to leave this for the last possible thing, but honestly, you will find it to be such a relief when it is all over and done with. The guest list will always be nagging you at the back of your mind, and quite frankly it is difficult to do anything else including booking a venue, ordering food and setting up the décor if you have no idea how many people are going to be there. Between both of your family and friends, decide who will get to be a part of your big day, and get it out of the way.


Scout Out Possible Dates

If you have always had a preference as to which season or month you want to be married in, then this will be easier, but if not it still is nothing to panic over. Have a rough idea about which dates you would like to lock in. Have a few options actually, because you may not always get your first preference due to other commitments such as public holidays or your preferred venue having another event on the same day. Assuming you say, a Brisbane wedding celebrant, you should then find out about any holidays that may be coming up in the area.


Set Your Budget

Whether you and your significant other are planning to split the bill or you are planning to foot it all yourself if your decision, but nonetheless, you need to set out a budget. Without a budget, you are likely to drown in ‘wedding debt’, which is not something a newly married couple needs. Have an overall budget, and then break it down accordingly. That way, you have an idea of how much you can spend for each thing, and not panic when the bills start rolling in. In case nobody told you already, weddings are costly so you need to plan every little thing!


Bookmark Everything

Unless you are one of those people who has always known exactly what you are going to wear on your big day along with what you plan to feed your guests, bookmark everything you come across. In other words, whether you browse for ideas online or flip through magazines, make a note of it. That way, if you need to unearth one of those ideas in a hurry, you need not waste time and stress over it. You just need to trace back your bookmarks, and the job was done.