How to Stay Safe from Ransomeware?

On the 12th May 2017 the biggest ever cyber-attack in the history of internet took place. Wanna Cry ravaged the web unbridling damage on Europe. Taking as leverage a loophole in the Windows OS, Shadow Brokers had their biggest party yet. The most important question since then has been what is Ransomware and how can you stay safe? Here is how.

What is Ransomware?

First you need to understand what Ransomware is. It is a very urbane malware that will block the victim’s admission to their own files and guarantee that the only way to recover admittance to them is to pay up what has been demanded. There are two key types of Ransomware; Encrypting and Locker. Encrypting kind will block all of your files and demand you to pay up if you want the key to clear or decrypt them. Locker kind will lock you out of your own system and even though the files itself are not blocked, you will be asked to pay because you will not even have the ability to getting to your desktop.

How Can You Remain Safe?

If this is for your laptop or desktop, do not store vital files without a tailback or backup. Close applications after the syncing is complete with your Google Drive always and do not leave it on. Always keep your system and the software that you will use well updated and licensed. Use the best possible security updates too. Try using a guest account on your system.

What If You Have Your Own Digital Media For Your Business?

It’s actually rather simple. Do not open spam emails or emails from unknown senders. Do not download any attachments from span or suspicious senders (even if your long lost relative has left you 2 million as per the subject). Do not click links that are suspicious. Always have the right security software installed so that it will stop you with a warning if you unintentionally click on a potential virus. For your digital media, use a great Site Guard system.

What Tools Are Available For This?

A well reliable and up to date, paid for, antivirus with an auto-update feature and real time scanning is very suitable. Also a good investment would be a traffic-filtering software that will restrict you from accepting any potential threats to your systems.

Can You Get Back Your Data Without Paying?

There are several Ransomware decryption or breaking tools that have now been made available so that you do not have to pay up the hackers and encourage them even more in their cyber-crime. Read and research on them so that is needed, you can use them. However these unlock software or decryptors become useless after a while because of constant updates and stronger malware introduced by hackers. So keep backing up your important data multiple times if possible.